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julio gomez vs mandingo
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Not so much with white guys unless again, They are on the few websites that do advertise big white dick like Teens like huge cocks and Whitezilla. Because again you haven't done a scene with him. Julio claims to be 14", but is most likely around as well. It depends on their body size and the angle. Do not post content you would post to a porn subreddit here.

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Mabel. Age: 32.
julio gomez vs mandingo

Also in real inches neither Mandingo or Gomez are 10 inches.

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Lyric. Age: 29.
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Okay, Also, Alexa grace has also said that black guys are bigger before and that she has had more orgasms with smaller white guys. I was putting together a dildo list for this guy who wanted to get me some and I seen the mandingo was about 10? Do report posts you think are breaking the rules. Porn is a business and They were go where the green is. You typed what you want to believe. I've seen a water bottle held up to him before and a 16fl oz water bottle is about 8. I told you what a female porn star who fucked both of these guys said.

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