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The city is great, but I like some of the outer pockets because I like to reach out to some of the locals out there and experience Long Island. What issues are important to you and what issues do you see that might be misrepresented in the adult industry? Last night I did a completely different playlist. I want to give my Archangel family a shout out. I know this might sound bad, but I am selective about who I try and reach out to. They have been just amazing.

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Jordyn. Age: 32.
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I thought, maybe if I had an agency I could build something.

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Giana. Age: 30.
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I have a butt, and I like to accent it, I guess, and the cast was really great, and this cast is really great. I worked hard for it and to keep it current. Not everybody is driven by the same thing, not everybody has the same work ethic or goals. If the scene is not going how I want then we will redo it. After three years I decided to go on my own.

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