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You might have noticed when you travel around Iceland that almost every town, no matter how big or small has a swimming pool. My first time in an Icelandic swimming pool I was acutely aware of my shyness. Feeling uncomfortable but being adaptive, I pretended to be invisible and got on with it, without a towel. Your adventure in Iceland starts here Here are some great tours we recommend. I watched people fold their towels and place them in metal racks before entering the showers. Landmannalaugar Hot Springs This is the ultimate tour for a day in the hot springs of the Icelandic highlands. So if you swim in Iceland, follow the rules, and if you see someone shying away from them, feel free to gently usher them towards civilisation.

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icelandic nudes

For two they dry themselves off before they return to the changing room.

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What is the deterrent to showering naked before getting into a pool - to being naked in the company of others, for that matter? All as she was shampooing her hair and washing her breasts and I was standing before her stark naked, keeping warm from the steam in the room. People take their shoes off before they go inside the changing room for one. However, we had a full discourse about what happened and why. Since my time in Iceland it has become difficult for me to blissfully ignore this while doing the front crawl. For Americans there is a built-in cultural self-consciousness that borders on shame. Learn the secrets Get Local Advice.

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