Bachelorette party gone wild tumblr

bachelorette party gone wild tumblr
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I was at a bar and a bachelorette party rolled in and situated themselves right by my group. I got offered a drink and accepted it because I normally enjoy myself and then have a cab pick me up and take me to a hotel when I do shows in Denver. She starts squirting the milk all over herself. The bride spent 20 minutes inside before she left in a rage and ended up crying in the parking lot, screaming at her fiance while the other maid of honor tried to calm her down. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

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Finley. Age: 21.
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We get through half the game and thats when I realized my Aunt was a whore.

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Clarissa. Age: 25.
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Just like that scene in Varsity Blues. We were laughing, drinking, generally having an awesome time. We went and the boys all looked at us likeā€¦ wtf are you all here? Most of the games we played were pretty tame we didnt hear much that would make us feel awkward, thats until we got to the game never have I ever. She included movements you should make and noises.

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