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The Holy Speaker of the Veil, Palladino is the latest in a line of clairvoyants who commune with the spirit of Rell, a forsaken Tenno child who founded the Red Veil. And now, somehow, the local Quill-endorsed purveyor of Amps and assorted paraphernalia. This ain't my usual line a work, y'understand. We see the numbers differently. How well does it match the trope? No one stands up for them but Steel Meridian.

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I run the Vent Pobbers, we make the boards.

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You're a hero to these people Once a cycle I got something dog. Syndicates are various groups across the Origin System, caught in the crossfire between Grineer and Corpus. You bring honor and fear to The Conclave. Their primary contact with the Tenno is Eudico, the head of the Fortuna colony.

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