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About half of all Asian men and women lack the upper eyelid creases that are common among Caucasian and other ethnic groups. Asian eyelid surgery can help those who lack a double eyelid by creating natural-looking upper eyelid creases that complement the facial anatomy and draw more attention to the eyes. A lack of upper eyelid creases tends to make the eyes look small.

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John J. There are only a handful of Korean oculoplastic surgeons in the United States who perform Asian eyelid surgery. His unique background attracts patients from all over the country to seek his expertise.

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Written by Seoul TouchUp. Plastic surgery is one of the most popular ways to alter your appearance to something that you will feel comfortable in. It has provided millions of people with a new start and with a much more comfortable life.

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By attempting to look more white, they believe that they can gain acceptance and status. Meet Xiahn Nishi, a young Brazilian man who underwent at least ten different surgeries and injections to make himself look more Korean. Formerly known as Max, Xiahn was light-skinned, blonde-haired, and blue-eyed. While she does not describe plastic surgery in particular, she talks about body modification as a means of beautification.

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The Clinical Problem Synopsis Upper eyelid blepharoplasty in Asians often refers to double-eyelid plasty and epicanthoplasty because about half of Asians lack an upper eyelid crease, so-called single eyelids. Many procedures for double-eyelid plasty have been reported since the suture technique was described by Mikamo in Although the surgical principles are similar to those for occidental eyelids, the surgical design and operative technique are different because there are distinct anatomic differences in Asian eyelids.

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By some estimates, roughly 50 percent of South Korean women in their twenties have undergone at least one surgical procedure, with eyelid surgery being the most commonly requested. This would mean that roughly 1 in every South Koreans had the procedure done in the past year alone. Double eyelid surgery gives the eye a wider, rounder shape that many South Koreans find favorable.

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The old concept of blepharoplasty as a fat-removing technique is no longer viable and should be completely reversed, according to one surgeon. In order to achieve better, longer-lasting aesthetic results, the fat should instead be reshaped, rearranged and sometimes even reintegrated, he said. Before left and after right photographs illustrate that the results of traditional upper eyelid surgery are sometimes disappointing.

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In terms of revision plastic surgery offered by Dr. Shervin Aminpour of Hills Aesthetics, you most certainly can rewrite history. For years, the plastic surgeon Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley turns to has performed revision and reconstructive surgeries through his clinic, based in West Hills, California.

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The eyes communicate our deepest emotions, from joy and excitement to anguish and sorrow. They also convey the fact that we may be aging, as sagging skin, wrinkles and heavy under-eye bags slowly mar a once youthful appearance. Fortunately, these imperfections can be easily reduced through the miracle of blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery in New York.

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The author describes how to create a double eyelid in Asians by use of three different techniques, noting advantages and disadvantages related to postoperative swelling and recovery time, wrinkle removal, scarring, and longevity of results. Technique selection is based on patient preference and careful evaluation of patient skin and upper eyelid fat tissue. Creation of a double eyelid may make the eye appear larger, younger, and more attractive. There are also patients who request enlargement of the double eyelid width.


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