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Despite the grim conditions, cultural activities continued to be held in the Siauliai Ghetto; holidays and memorial days were honored, and special interest groups and courses were organized. The youth movements published underground material in Hebrew, including a booklet entitled MeMaamakim From the Depths. However, many Jews succeeded in taking all their property which had survived the plundering of their Lithuanian neighbors. In February of members of Masada conducted discussions with the Jewish committee concerning plans to escape to the partisans and to resist the Germans in the ghetto as they were withdrawing; however, these plans were never set into action. These organized killing actions came to a halt only at the end of September. The head of the ghetto was Mendel Leibowitz, a young, affluent and educated Jew, who had been the head of the association for Jewish soldiers who had fought in the Lithuanian War of Independence.

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Leibowitz maintained good relations with a number of non-Jewish Lithuanians outside of the ghetto.

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Hundreds of Jews were employed in factories outside the ghetto. One of the most severe problems in the ghetto was overcrowding: some 5, Jews, residents of the city as well as refugees who arrived in the autumn of after having escaped the mass murders in nearby villages, crowded into an area no larger than 8, square meters. Pregnant women were forced to abort their babies, and doctors had to perform hundreds of abortions, even putting infants to death by lethal injection. Life in the ghetto was organized by a Jewish committee, composed of members who saw themselves fit to serve the community and had volunteered to do so. These organized killing actions came to a halt only at the end of September. The hospital was run by Dr. In August of a new, non-partisan educational organization, Masada, was established in the Siauliai Ghetto; its membership was comprised of youths of various Zionist affiliations.

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