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good looking crossdressers
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The more skin you show - the more feminine you look. For example: if you have a hairy chest and cannot shave it - low cut items are off your list. Sadly, I'm like most -girls Of course, you can remove the jacket as you see fit. You can wear just about anything!

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Mara. Age: 20.
good looking crossdressers

This experience - is the role of fashion.

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Mia. Age: 20.
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It looks much more feminine than covered. Type A - The Prototypical t-girl - a bit or more too much belly, not enough everywhere else she would like it, can't shave hair. An error I made was emotionally penalizing myself when I failed to achieve a certain goal in a specified time frame. Think of it this way - when you shop for clothes - you envision yourself - looking like the dream in the catalog - creating the same sort of lustful awareness - you might experience viewing the ensemble offered for purchase. Reward yourself for a job well done. When I'm standing flat footed - this looks pretty male. Sadly, I'm like most -girls

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