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They built fire roads, doggedly fought invasives and used ant bait to keep armies of leaf-cutters at bay. Today the landscape has taken on another meaning. The road is red dirt and the forest is young, but already its trees tower above us, and they cast a blessed shade. After five or ten years, nature would take over at Instituto Terra. The Atlantic Forest, second in biodiversity only to the Amazon, with nearly as many tree species in a single acre as are found on the entire East Coast of the United States, covered half the farm and half the Rio Doce Valley.

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Two large ponds, where they used to raise fish, were dry.

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Salgado himself was almost killed by a machete-wielding mob. The Salt of the Earth , a film about his life by his son Juliano and the director Wim Wenders, was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary and won a jury prize in Cannes. When she put her hand on his arm, he backed off slightly. A Salgado photograph is instantly recognizable. When the couple first began to tend to the land, it was all but devastated. Back in Paris, they moved into a square-foot apartment with no shower. The river flowed with less than half its usual volume.

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