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The age range for a twink is Sometimes they are femme, but don't have to be. A smooth-bodied, almost pre-pubescent looking young gay male. That twink is young, dumb and full of cum There are two major theories about the origin of this word, both of which probably have elements of truth to them. Twink is often referred to as having a " swimmer's build.

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That twink is so hot he gave me a bonner. The price of tea in China A term often used in homosexual circles to describe a man with a smooth , youthful , only slightly-muscular, physique. Typically from the ages of , and often thought as a young, white, fashionable male. A twink is young attractive gay man often and usually blond. They are usually the bottoms during gay sex. From " twinkie " as in Hostess twinkie - soft and full of cream.

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