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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Story of Baths and Bathing. The History of Torture Throughout the Ages.

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Yep — this is a blogpost about the penis. Not my penis. Let me put this into some context.

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T he above stone was originally placed in the heart of the sanctuary to Apollo, where the Pythia PythonessesDelphic Divinatory Mediumistic Channelling Priestesses of the Serpent Kundalini would give the god's oracles The spot where it represented the center of the earth, hence the name Omphalos, or Om Phallus, first determined when Zeus sent two eagles from each end of the kosmos and the two then met and circled in the Center of the Earth One of the ancient symbols of human energy trapped by the snake basket energy blockage is the OmPhallos stone from Delphi. From the book " Super Energy and Sacred Symbols"

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Take a stroll through any one of Assassin's Creed Odyssey's city streets and you'll be within a stone's throw of a penis. That's probably true for any city, sure, but Ubisoft's vivid recreation of ancient Greece doesn't censor the artistic expression of that era. Its cities and temples are adorned with studly marble statues of naked men letting their business hang out for all the world to see.

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Not only is it seemingly universal, but this phallic fascination is nothing new—the cities and towns of the Ancient Roman Empire were dotted with penises just about everywhere. The beauty of the male form was celebrated, and same-sex attraction was considered quite natural. This is not to suggest that Rome was a come-as-you-are paradise; citizens adult freeborn males could have sex with slaves, but only if the masters were the penetrating party.

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Literally hundreds of penises phalluses - from small wooden carvings to big stone sculptures that stand ten feet tall and decorated with ribbons - make this shrine quite unique. It honors Chao Mae Tubtim, a female fertility spirit. Women visit this shrine when they are trying to conceive, leaving offerings of lotus and jasmine.

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Posted on June 24, by Barbara Weibel. Sometime earlier, his excavation tunnels had brought to light the luxurious residence that would later be dubbed the Villa of the Papyri, however on that particular day his tunnels broke into a long porticoed garden in the villa that was filled with statuary. In the dim underground light, it was impossible to see details, but the architect dutifully sent word of his remarkable find. The king and his party, who happened to be hunting in nearby woods, rushed to the scene and set to picnicking while they waited for slaves to carry pieces to the surface.


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