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This chapter contains elements, well, inappropriate for young audience. He pulled his arm back and brought it down hard, slapping her with the back of his hand across the face. He could make her do anything…. We just want to know you're okay. She knew she shouldn't push things in her situation but she just couldn't submit to his will without at least a protest.

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Kate. Age: 27.
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His marble chest was heaving as he breathed hard, the small silver ring on his nipple shining in the light of the single lamp.

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Lia. Age: 29.
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Graphic short story: The Devil’s Deal

Gabriel and that priest talked all this crap into your head, huh? Then, maybe you'd know who your Master is. He deserved it after all; he was an evil demon, sadistic, deceitful, hurtful and manipulating. Then he shoved them back in letting a low growl. Then he threw it against the wall with force. He lowered his hand and took hold of the whip that lay on the bed. Help her forget, even for a while.

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