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I don't think they're "in love", per se, since they're really too young to understand their emotions that well. I think as they grow up a little they become lovers. It's possible they do eventually fall in love and marry, of course. You can even sleep on the living room couch instead of the one in the den Jatopian wrote on Sun, 22 June

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Amani. Age: 22.
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And I really doubt that Ness and Tony end up together.

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Ashley. Age: 30.
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Devil May Cry-Ness

But I get the feeling that they do at least feel some kind of attraction to one another Back to top All rights reserved by Starmen. Also LeafyLarry is right on the money. I have a comic and you can read it! I think some NPC characters hint at it though sadly I don't recall off-hand, so I'd have to actually play through again to verify, and I don't see this as a good reason to play through the game

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