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In the Final Cut, the Goa'uld's and the others' drop off in front of the gate is non-existent. Furthermore the credits contain a dedication note to the late Don S. Some already existing shots are longer in the Original Version. Sam asks Daniel to give her a minute before he sends the first escapees through, then he goes down the stairs. Furthermore the Al'kesh is being attended by the two gliders in the Final Cut.

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The most important things, which are NOT related to some old missing scenes or some new scenes and which are things like alternate angles of the same scene, alternate order of the scenes with the same running time, are mentioned briefly and, if necessary, the impact of this is being described.

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Stargate SG-1 (1997-2008) Nude Scenes

Running time Original Version: credits excluded Running time Final Cut: credits excluded. Furthermore some alternate takes have been used, the content itself remains unchanged. They start for checking out the recently discovered path. Original Version: 1 min 45 sec Final Cut: 1 min 31 sec Original Version Teal'c sneaks a peek at the kidnapped women in the room and he gets caught when he sees Sha're sitting there. This scene doesn't excist in the Final Cut. At the end of the showdown, the violence has been slightly reduced by editing the footage. To be exact, the cell sequence is being intercut by it.

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