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head in the clouds tumblr
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Clint rigging the poker game was good too. Based on respect, care and most of all love. Smut Voyeurism, vaginal fingering, oral sex, and anal sex Synopsis: After an accident outside the Avengers Tower Bucky and Steve take you in to patch you up. Steve stood in front of the mirror in your apartment in the tower, feeling oddly calm. The soft lapping of water by the steps and the gentle rustle of the gazebo curtains relaxing you and sending you into a doze. Steve lifted his head and looked you over. A woman who was both much younger and yet the same age as him all at once.

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Brooke. Age: 26.
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No one would argue that it was.

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Cassidy. Age: 27.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

That was such a sweet ceremony. The Binding of Three There were three people on this cool Autumn day all preparing to stand in front of their friends and loved ones and declare their love and commitment to each other. Based on respect, care and most of all love. The detail with the pulsing of the ribbon was a really nice touch. Originally posted by rabiedoll.

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