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If the year-old scientist, whose case was highlighted in newspaper reports last week, was not on medication, she could drop off times a day because Allen suffers from cataplexy — a disorder associated with narcolepsy — in which muscle tone loss is triggered by amusement or surprise. Around 25, people in the UK have narcolepsy, a condition characterised by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep, often at times of stress or even sexual arousal. There's no known cure, but in terms of medical advances, has been lively.

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Narcolepsy is a neurological sleep disorder characterized by chronic, excessive attacks of drowsiness during the day, sometimes called excessive daytime sleepiness EDS. Attacks of drowsiness may persist for only a few seconds or several minutes. These episodes vary in frequency from a few incidents to several during a single day.

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What is narcolepsy? Though they are admittedly very interesting, they are far from the truth. According to MayoClinic.

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Narcolepsy means excessive daytime sleepiness. Most of us sometimes feel tired and sleepy during the day. But even when we feel this way we usually manage to overcome those feelings and carry out our usual activities, although perhaps a bit less efficiently than usual. People with narcolepsy are different.

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Good sleep is necessary for good health. Sleep health is increasingly recognized as important for physical and mental health by both the medical profession and the general public, and there is great interest in how to avoid and treat sleep disorders and problems. Recent research indicates that insufficient sleep, disrupted sleep, and sleep disorders affect many aspects of human health including sexual function.

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Narcolepsy pp Cite as. The willingness to enter into an intimate relationship, and the ability then to establish and maintain one, can be difficult for many people. For the person with narcolepsy, there is a significant overlay which can further increase that difficulty.

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On June 7, news broke that one of TV's most iconic unions is on the rocks. Julie Flygare, J. I have a severe case of narcolepsy with cataplexy, which means I experience sleepiness combined with muscle weakness when I feel certain emotions.

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Cataplexy during sexual intercourse and orgasm orgasmolepsy has been previously reported, but its frequency and characteristics are poorly known. AIM: To assess frequency and features of loss of muscle tone during sexual intercourse in a series of patients with NC, other sleep-wake disorders, and healthy controls. METHODS: Review of sleep questionnaires including the Stanford Cataplexy Questionnaire of 75 subjects 29 with NC, 26 with other sleep-wake disorders, and 20 healthy controlsfollowed by an interview with specific focus on muscle loss during sexual activity in suspicious cases.

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This character blithely warns Deuce that she has a sleep disorder then promptly at random intervals keels over and starts snoring. A whole lot of awkwardness, let me tell you. Last summer I went on a date with a lovely guy to a pub.

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Narcolepsy is a chronic neurological disorder affecting the part of your brain that regulates sleep. As a result, you can experience excessive daytime sleepiness and a sudden loss of muscle control called cataplexy causing you to fall asleep during normal daytime activities such as working or studying. These episodes are often triggered by strong emotions. And while they can be brief, lasting just a few seconds, they can be frightening, embarrassing, and cause serious disruption in your life.


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