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In the wake of an earthquake, aftershocks, and a tsunami warning, the village of Sitka photo above experienced a series of unknown hairy hominoid sightings. Recalling that it was already Tuesday morning, January 23, in Alaska, these are the specifics of the events leading up to the sightings. The earthquake, measured at 7.

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Frieda Bean was on a boating trip to Three Step Mountain, riding up the twisting Kwethluk River with her husband, when she says something caught her eye on the treeline. It was a figure of a human being but way bigger, the head was bigger, rounder, and the arms were bigger too. Recently, a local newspaper, the DeltaDiscovery began printing a series of witness accounts like these.

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Forgot my password. Originally published in the Anchorage Daily News, March 1, When villagers in southwest Alaska last fall claimed to have seen a giant, hair-covered creature roaming the woods and tundra, it revived one of Alaska's oldest and most persistent legends: Hairyman.

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In late Aprila worker at the Napakiak village corporation was just taking a look outside the 2nd story window of the building during the early afternoon hours, when she saw something unusual walking on top of the bluff on the other side of the Napakiak Slough. It was dark-colored and walking on two feet. Then it walked down to the lower part of the bluff and disappeared. About 10 minutes later, it reappeared, so she ran downstairs and called to people inside the store on the lower floor of the building to come up and take a look at what she was seeing.

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Extreme Expeditions Northwest. Powered by. Here's an excellent opportunity for you to be an important part of what we believe to be the most significant Bigfoot Expedition and Film of the year!

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He used a gorilla suit purchased from costume-seller Phil Morris, converted it to Bigfoot by modifying the face and adding pendulous breasts, and enlisted a man named Bob Heironimus to wear the suit [Long ; Nickell68—73]. Many other Bigfoot sightings are no doubt misperceptions resulting from expectation and excitement Nickell94— But misperceptions of what?

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The American Bigfoot is a bigfoot that dominates mountainous regions, cave systems and forests throughout North and South America in Native folklore. Eye witness reports in the North West, describe the American Bigfoot as large, hairy, bipedal humanoids. Many of the bigfoot listed below have likely been killed off and their remains covered up over time, thanks to the Smithsonian Institution and the backing of US government support.

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Famous for its vast and dangerous landscape, many believe the terrain and local predators are the cause of these disappearances. Alaska, however, is a place of folklore and some believe these urban legends are the key to understanding this mysterious location. Stories of Bigfoot sightings are reported globally but the Alaskan version is apparently the most extreme. Standing over 10 feet tall with shaggy, coarse hair and elongated arms, this foul-smelling ape-like creature is said to live in the wide tundra of Alaska.

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Alabama legend says this specter comes to children after dark to squeeze them and scream in their ears. Although she never harmed anyone, the thought of a hug from Miss Molly is enough to make kids keep curfew. Have you heard of The Mogollon Monster?

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For more than 27 years, we have been dedicated to shining a light on the issues that affect, engage, benefit and empower our local community. Please disable your ad blocker, whitelist our site, or purchase a subscription. No sooner was I asked to do story on Bigfoot in Alaska than I started hearing all kinds of things that made me realize I'm not getting out enough. Stories of a Jurassic Park-like creature with a foot wingspan in the skies west of Dillingham.


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