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tumblr moment of orgasm
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I remember the most utter and complete exhaustion of my life, pressing me into the bed, pinning me down like a bag of chains on my chest. An incoherent gush of promises, pledges, vows, pleas — everything I could think of — it all spilled out. That is when discipline comes in. We had played with chastity and tease and denial a bit. My cock would get hard and cramped in the cage and wake me up.

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Vera. Age: 31.
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Another twist in the plot: She let go — leaving me to reel against my edge, abandoned, quivering in shock, unable to finish.

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Gemma. Age: 27.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Watch exactly what I do to you. We had played with chastity and tease and denial a bit. They had a good sex life and had been sexually adventurous since they got together almost 6 years before they were married. My Domme pointed out it was rather sadistic of me to tease my dog with a treat to make him do cute tricks. It was clear she was in no mood for games and he decided to keep his mouth shut… To be continued.

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